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- Overview -

The world is steadily proceeding to Exa-scale era and there are a number of tough challenges on next generation high performance computing. These challenges include various advanced technologies in hardware and software; energy saving, many-core processor architecture, accelerators, low-latency/high-bandwidth interconnect, resilience, programming model and co-designing.

Under such background, JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) is promoting the research program, named “CREST: Development of System Software Technologies for post-Peta Scale High Performance Computing.” Out of 14 of research projects in this CREST program, three projects focus on many-core operating system, highly functionable and scalable interconnection network, and unified environment over accelerators and interconnects, for essential research and development issues on post-Peta Scale era. Moreover, PC Cluster Consortium in Japan is promoting an original PGAS language XcalableMP and light-weight OS kernel McKernel targeting ultra large scale parallel computation.

As a joint activity by these three research projects in post-Peta Scale CREST program as well as XcalableMP research and development, we organize an international workshop LENS2015 (Language, Network and System Software) to share these fields of latest research results and discuss on issues toward their goals. The workshop program consists of four key note talks invited from the world related to these projects and talks from all the projects. This two day workshop will be an exciting field for sharing and discussing the practical and essential issues and challenges on next generation of supercomputing.